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Former Member
Mar 23, 2010 at 04:46 AM

IT0210 withholding Info W4/W5 US allowances error



The issue is with respect to IT0210 withholding. While maintaining "FED", irrespective of the filing status, allowance defaults to "0" and the field is greyed out when "tax exempt indicator" is maintained. However, the allowance accepts and save values >0 if the tax exemption indicator is left blank. This doesn't meet our tax compliance as we have to maintain values for "Filing status", "Allowances" & "Tax exempt indicator".

How it looks now?

Filing Status : 02

Allowances : 0 (Greyed out and cannot be entered)

Tax exempt indicator:R

How it should look?

Filing staus :02 (or any other values)

Allowances:99 (Must)

Tax exempt indicator:R (or any other values)

Appreciate the help.