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Mar 22, 2010 at 05:05 PM

Get current date from database


I have 2 queries created

Query 1

Year, Quarter, Customer, Month, Est Sales, Actual Sales

Query 2

Current Month

In the report, I will compare the Month (Query 1) with Current Month(Query 2).

If Month >= Current Month, then Est Sales will show up

else Actual Sales.

Now what I did is to define a variable as measure type

V_Current_Month = Max([Current Month])

The formula for each quarter should be:

=[Est Sales] where ([Month]>=[V_Current_Month]) + [Act Sales] where ([Month]<[V_Current_Month])

But it didn't work for me.

then I output this variable to report, it's exactlly 3, If I hard code the variable "V_Current_Month" to 3, it works,

So what's the difference between the variable I defined and the hard-coded one?

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