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Mar 22, 2010 at 04:39 PM

Opening Balance through 0IC_C03 cube


Hi Friends,

I have to caclulate Opening Balance through 0IC_C03 cube.

I have to give user the Date (From-To DDMMYYYY) in selection criteria screen.

And then give opening balance based on the From date given by him.

I guess, I need to extract the From part from the date range giving a Cust Exit variable on date.

My questions are:

1) Now weI know the opening balance the current month opening stock is last month closing stock. Here if user has given input 15-3-2009 to 20-04-2009 then opening stock should be calculated by resticting the 0VALSTCKQTY on 0CALDAY offset using Variable eg: <=ZfromDAY-1 (which would be 14-3-2009)

OR 0VALSTCKQTY always has to be restricted on 0CALMONTH with offset using Variable eg: <=ZfromMNTH-1 (02)?

2) Is it mandatory to give this selection date (From-To interval) also as Cust Exit variable OR can I give a characteristic value variable as date and then extract the from part from this earlier variale in a cust exit date (which is a single entry date)?