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Mar 22, 2010 at 02:59 PM

Open Document Token



I am able to run a report without logging into CMC. I used opendocument .net web site. However, when I attach the token, the prompt values don't get passed.

The prompt value work when I don't pass the token, but when I append the token they don't work.

For example:

Case 1



In the above case, I am not passing the token. I am prompted to login. After I login, the report is correctly shows results for "Somerset" and "Atlantic" counties. No prompt box comes up (which is want I want".

Case 2



In this second case, I am attaching a valid token. When I do that, I am NOT prompted to login. However, the prompt screen comes up instead of report result. The prompt asks to select the counties. I am passing the counties in the URL.. It should work the same way as Case 1.

Can you help me with this?

I am creating the token this way:

enterpriseSession =

sessionMgr.Logon(strUSER, strPASS, strCMS, strAUTH);

iStore = (InfoStore)enterpriseSession.GetService("InfoStore");

userInfo = enterpriseSession.UserInfo;

strTOKEN =

enterpriseSession.LogonTokenMgr.CreateLogonTokenEx("", 10, 100);