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Former Member
Mar 22, 2010 at 07:10 AM

Payment after Termination


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement according to which we need to pay an employee even after termination in a Prorata basis briefed below. The payment details will be stored in the Infotype 0014.

We have a wagetype (2030) setup for severance Pay (US Payroll). Let us assume an employee being terminated on say 03/02/2010 (PP: 02/22/2010 till 03/07/2010). Let us assume we are entering the amount $2500 in IT0014 for the WT 2030 effective 03/02/2010 (Start date is same as the termination date). I have the processing class setup as "Mark Wages for Monthly factoring : 1 (i.e Reduction with factor /801). Now when I run the payroll for the period 05/2010 (i.e from 02/22/2010 till 03/07/2010) employee is not being paid anything through WT 2030. I then maintained the processing class as '0' i.e No factoring. Now payroll tried to pay entire $2500 to the employee. However as per our requirement we are supposed to pay only $1000 (Total number of Working days in a Payperiod = 10. Per day wage = 2500 / 10 = 250. Since EE is active for 4 days he has to be paid $1000).

I have tried maintaining Processing Call as '2' and '3' as well. Also I have tried setting Evaluation Basis to '1'. But no use. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.