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Mar 22, 2010 at 06:54 AM

Exchange rate determination on Billing Date



We have a problem with respect to exchange rate re-

determination - on billing date at the invoice level.

Currently in our system the Exchange rate is being determined on the

pricing date at the sales order level. When we create the invoice the

exchange rate at the header level (VBRK-KURRF) is getting re-determined

on the billing date.

However the problem is the exchange rate at the item level (VBRP-KURSK)

& exchange rate with respect to amount currency level (KOMV-KKURS).

In order to re-determine exchange rates at item level (KOMV-KKURS) - we have done the

configuration for exchange rate type field in Copy control settings at

VTFL/VTFA should be u201CCu201D.

But however, the system is determining the pricing exchange rate (KOMV-KKURS) on the pricing date, and not on the billing date.

We have also applied the note 92613. In spite of making the changes the pricing date is not being re-

determined to u201Cbilling dateu201D for exchange rate calculation at conditioncurrency level.

Can you please let us know, how can we have the pricing exchange rate (KOMV-KKURS), be determined on the billing date and not on the pricing date. Do we have a configuration for this? Or is some change in any user exit is required. Please suggest.

Best Regards,

Priya Gor.