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Mar 22, 2010 at 03:15 AM

settlement with wrong cost element


I run project settlement, but it displays the error which is very strange, because I run CJI3, there is no such cost element 5000009 posted, our line item is posted to cost element 500001, 500001 is included in allocation structure ZZ,

so why settlement display cost element 5000009(settlement element), where does this cost element come from and how to avoid this element?, I don't want to assign this cost element to ZZ

the settlement error is:

Complete allocation structure ZZ

Message no. KD503


During settlement, the system puts the sender debits into groups (assignments), which are settled using the same settlement cost element. The settlement assignment is made in the allocation structure, which is stored in the settlement rule for the sender (under settlement parameters).

Cost element 5000009 cannot be assigned to a settlement cost assignment in allocation structure ZZ and therefore it cannot be assigned to a settlement cost element.


Possible solutions are as follows:

If the posting under cost element 5000009 was made to the sender because of an incorrect entry, and you can reverse the posting, and do not need to update the allocation structure. You only need to reverse the incorrectly assigned posting before repeating the settlement. Exception: For an investment measure with a line item settlement, you need to extend the allocation structure, even after the reversal.

If the posting was made correctly, you can do the following:

a) You can assign a different allocation structure to the sender: In the master data maintenance for the sender, choose "Settlement rule -> Goto -> Settlement parameters" and then enter a different allocation structure.

If necessary, also check whether the correct allocation structure is entered in the settlement profile. The allocation structure is defaulted in the settlement profile when you create sender master data or when you maintain the settlement rule.

You can update allocation structure ZZ