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Mar 19, 2010 at 05:47 PM

Record Limit Issue II


I have an issue where the amount of data being retrieved determines if the report works or not via ASP Classic.

Have tried many tests and have got it down to the following:

-format hard drive, install Window 7 professional

-turn IIS feature on with classic asp

-install sql 2005 express, attach test database, set permissions for IUSR

-install Crystal Reports 11.5 trial version, run service packs 3, 4, 5 and 6

-copy BeginHere sample (from business object/ crystal reports samples) to wwwroot folder and set permissions

-modify SimplePreviewReport.rpt to point to a table in the test sql database (note via Database Expert, remove employee table, add new OLE DB ADO connection, add test database, add test table, insert new fields into report, old employee fields dropped when employee table dropped) (note 2, created new report SimplePreviewReport.rpt from scratch, same problem).

If I view the report in design mode, all is ok.

When I vew the report from the web (localhost\beginhere\simplepreviewreport.asp), if the table I am viewing has 1 - 5 or 6 records (depending on the number of fields displayed and the amount of data in each text field), the report works. If I then go into sql and edit one of the text fields and add 1 character, the report does not work (same as if I add another record). I get the preview screen with the white navigation tree (empty) on the left and a grey report window on the right. If I then go back and delete the added character or the added record, the report works (just to be clear, if I start with just one record, view the report, it works, add another record, view it, works, add another etc, it gets to the point where it does not work and if I remove the last record, it works)

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