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Mar 19, 2010 at 02:50 PM

IP-Planning Function Help!! Is this possible?


Dear Experts,

I am relatively new to IP and I want to check if this is possible. I would like to copy a Keyfigure value from one Aggregation level to another Aggregation level.

Here is my scenario.

I have an Aggregation level 1 where it has characteristics Product Group, Year, Version and Percentage. So the planner would plan as

Product Grp -Year -Version---Percentage

GROUP1 -2010 -100---10%

GROUP2 -2010 -100---20%

GROUP3 -2010 -100---15%

Now I have another Aggregation level 2 where it has characteristics Product Group, Product, Year, Version and Cost. I would want the Percentage value which was planned in Agg. level 1 to be copied to all the products in that group. My Planning book would look like

Product Grp -PRODUCT -Year -Version -Percentage -Standard Cost -Plan Cost

GROUP1 -PRD1 -2010 -100 -10% -$100 -$110

GROUP1 -PRD2 -2010 -100 -10% -$200 -$220

GROUP1 -PRD3 -2010 -100 -10% -$300 -$330

GROUP2 -PRD4 -2010 -100 -20% -$1000 -$1200

GROUP2 -PRD5 -2010 -100 -20% -$2000 -$2400

GROUP2 -PRD6 -2010 -100 -20% -$3000 -$3600

GROUP3 -PRD7 -2010 -100 -15% -$1000 -$1150

GROUP3 -PRD8 -2010 -100 -15% -$2000 -$2300

GROUP3 -PRD9 -2010 -100 -15% -$3000 -$3450

Currently The above products already exist in the cube but the Percentage value for them is blank. When the user saves the first planning book I would want the Planning function to be executed and change the percentage value of each product based on the Prodcut group it belongs to. Also I want the Plan cost to be calculated with the percentage value and the standard cost.

Now when the Planned opens the second planning book he can see the Plan cost already calculated based on the percentage value. However, I will provide an option to the user to change the Plan cost if needed.

Important thing for me to know how I can take the percentage value from first few records and change the value of percentage in the second set of records for each product based on its product group.

Hope my explanation is clear and it is possible to do it.

Thanks for your inputs.