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Mar 19, 2010 at 02:37 PM

Schedule measurement in SE30 - running a report in the background


Dear experts,

I have a long running ABAP report and I will need to analyze its runtime for performance improvements.

How may I correctly run this ABAP report in the background from SE30 (runtime analysis tool)? The report has to be run using a specific variant for its selection screen inputs as well.

This is what I have done:

1. Go to SE30

2. Click on "For User/Service" button under "Schedule"

3. Create new Schedule Measurement with the following details:-

- User (<my user name>),

- Client (<properly specified>),

- External Session (Any),

- Processing Category (Background Processing),

- Object Type (Report),

- Object Name (<ABAP report program name>),

- Max. No. of Scheduled Measurements (1),

- Expiration Date & Time (<properly specified>)

5. In the screen "Overview of Scheduled Measurements", I have the following displayed as well:-

- Scheduled = 1

- Started = 0

- Errors = 0

- Status = Being processed

Am I still on the right track here? (Started = 0 and there was no way I could specify the variant for the selection screen input values too)

Please help. Appreciate any inputs at all.