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Mar 19, 2010 at 02:03 PM

Advance DHTML and ActiveX is displaying Differently


Hi, We have a Crystal report saved in BOXI R2 SP3 on windows server 2003 using IIS 6 as web application server. In crystal report our requirement is to display image at the background of XY scatter graph. This is because when data is plotted in XY scatter chart then point is displayed on the image thus comparing where the point is with respect to the standards.

Actually we are trying to display charts which shows growth of child with respective to others in percentiles. Just a background about this chart that when we take our newborn ( till 2yrs) for scheduled visit to Pediatrician then we get a Head circumference/Weight/Length etc charts for boys and girls separately.

For this we have created two sections. First section is having image and second section is having XY scatter chart. We are using crystal feature of "underlay following sections" feature of crystal reports to display first section at the background of second section.

This is working fine in crystal and showing perfectly. When we publish this report in BOXI then it is not displaying correctly in Advance DHTML or DHTML. The chart will have white background thus background image is not displayed. I did select transparent background for the chart in Crystal.

But when I change the view option to ActiveX then its displayed perfectly. I could see data point on the background image.

Can anyone help? We tested this on BOXI R2 SP5 too and got same result.