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Mar 19, 2010 at 03:30 AM

Device Type to print Vietnamese Characters


Hi Gurus,

I can print Vietnamese characters in a laser printer using the device type SWINCF and Access Method F (Frontend printing).

Now I want to print using Access Method U (Print using Berkeley Protocol) in a network printer (located overseas). I am using a unicode device type ZHPUTF8F because our SAP system is running under Unicode (ECC 6.0). Unfortunately the printout for the Vietnamese characters are wrong (garbage characters). Is it possible to print Vietnamese characters using a device type other than SWINCF? The printer model that I am testing with is HPLJ 4250.

One more thing, we will be needing to print using a dot matrix printer. Is there a specific device type that can print Vietnamese characters for dot matrix printer (e.g. Printronix)?