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Mar 18, 2010 at 07:07 PM

S_ALR_87012050 does not tie to G/L


Hello Guru's.,

I am struggling with this puzzle. I have 2 line items appearing in G/L (same asset) but only 1 is appearing on S_ALR_87012050 report.

I searched here in the network and saw that where someone else was having the same issue but was resolved by looking at S-ALR_87011990. It did not appear there either.

What could be the cause or reason as to why we are not seeing the asset in reports but are found in the G/L? They were entered together and the only difference I see is that item that is not found in the report has a quantity of 8- and the other has no quantity defined under the transaction.

It was quoted in the network that the 2050 report does not include transfers, disposals or brought forward balances and that the 1990 report would show it. It does not.

Please help!