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Mar 18, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Transfer Posting Scenario


Hi experts,

1) My User has carried out Transfer Postings by using Transaction MB1B used Movement Type 303-transfer posting From Plant to plant ( Remove from Storage Location ) and he has not completed the Transactions 305-Transfer Posting from to Plant Place in ( Storage Location )

2) They have carried out Physical Inventory and adjusted the stocks,

3) The issue is when we check transaction MC.5 the stocks-Value are still hanging at Plant level and not able to adjust stock at the storage location level.

Please Guide how to proceed ?

My Queries are How to adjust the Stock-Value in MC.5 which is hanging at Plant ? Which needs to be brought at Storage Location level and it should not be a double entry ?

Possible solutions.

1) I am guiding to our Keyusers First to carry out Transfer Postings by Using Transaction MB1B Movement type 305 and place the stock in Storage Location for those Materials, and recarry out the Physical Inventory. And then to check in MC.5 how it behaves ?

2) Second Possible solution is, Can we able to remove the value which is displaying at Plant level ? which was supposed to be displayed at storage location level ?

Please suggest any possible Valuable solutions for this scenario ?

Best regards