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Mar 17, 2010 at 02:24 PM

CS object in "BAdI: Performance Index or Subrequirement Filters"



I hope someone here can help me, i have the following problem:

In the graduation audit i want to make an Index-Dependent Subrequirement and select the academic work for the progam of study (SC) / study (CS) the audit is run for.

For example a student does 2 programs of study (A & B). If I run the graduation audit for SC A, i get the academic work for both A and B. I want to filter out the academic work for program of study B.

I can create my own filter IMG:

Processes in Student Lifecycle Management -> Audits -> Requirements -> Subrequirements -> BAdIs -> BAdI: Performance Index or Subrequirement Filters.

The problem here is that i don't have the SC or CS object (well at least i can't find it). Can you somehow get the SC / CS object where the audit is run for? Then i can just filter the academic work out by looking at the HRP1724, but i need the SC / CS object.

I hope someone can help me, if you have further questions please ask!

Thanks a lot!