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EH&S interface to distribute the specification data

This issue is regrding the distribution model. We want to transfer the EHS data from 4.6 to ECC 6.0. Below is the requirement:

1. There are few classes which needs to be distributed and not all classes and its charecterstics in the property tree.

2. I have created a distribution model for it and entered the classes which are relevant for e.g. Flash point is the class (SAP_EHS_1014_009) which is there in the dist model. So when I change any charecterstics value in this class and Run BD21 then I can see the Class in the list under the segment E1BP1077VH and the changed charecteristics is under the segment E1BP1077PR. Which seems to be correct- But when I change another charecterstics of another class (SAP_EHS_1013_013) which is not there in the dist model. Then BD21 and still I can see the new Charecte. in the WE02 though the class is not in the distribution model. Meaning its not filtering out the irrelavant charecterstics in the property tree. Thats the reason all property data is getting transfred.

Is there is any customizing setting? I think as a Standard process it must filter out the changes of the classes which are not there in the distribution model. DO you have any hint on this?

We dont want to distribute the Pharses hence using only the "SUBMAS" as message type.

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 17, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    Hello Sachin

    to distribute data using EH&S from one SAP sytsem to another to my information it is not possible to distribute by "standard" only those characteristics in a class which are not "phrase" based (you distribute normally the classes with all characteristics).

    So you must set up in my opinion the phrase distribution model in ALE too. But this is a simple task (and if you use int the target system other SAP modules like DG you must! distribute the phrases in any case).

    To my knowlege there are many options to "optimize" the ALE traffic. First, as done by you, you define a "distribution" model

    Second. If necessary: in the ALE scenario there are I believe two user exits whcih can be used to "refine" the data to be distributed (e.g. reduce the dsitribution only to those data records which contain a usage public/reg_world etc.). PLease check customizing of EH&S.

    In any case: you need to make sure that the specification header is distrubuted. Normally you would need ESTRH, ESTRI and ESTMJ data in the target system.

    Normally if you have set up the distribution model correct and SAP_EHS_1014_09 is part of the model but SAP_EHS_1013_013 not only that data from SAP_EHS_1014_019 should be distributed. Therefore I have actually no idea regarding you findings. Did you check the target system? Is the data of SAP_EHS_1013_013 there?

    I hope that this helps a little bit.


    PS: take a look here:

    Chapter Tools (EHS-BD-TLS)

    Subchapter Distribution (ALE) of Specifications, Phrases, and Reports

    Subsubchapter Distribution Process for Specifications, Phrases, and Reports

    PPS: Keep in mind this important info of SAP help:

    You must create "manually" the hit list and mark those specifications which should be distributed. By standard there is no automatic "addition" of a new specifcation which should be distributed additionally.

    Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Mar 17, 2010 12:26 PM

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