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Mar 16, 2010 at 08:42 PM

Report or Workbook with different filters and restrictions


Hi Gurus,

i am looking for a solution to solve a problem.

I have a query on the top of a multiprovider. So far so good.

The query is build like this:

column with 5 KF

Cells with a structure:

1. Loose 1

- Tomate

- Mangue

2. plantin

- Mure

- Guayave

3. Piment

- Soak

- Tibao

We have als variables 3 parameters: organization, version (actual, plan)and city..

each organization has a different restriction. the have two reports for actual and two for plan with differents filters.

Now we want to have a report or workbook where we can display all those information.

How can i implement it?

Thank you for your input.