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Mar 16, 2010 at 05:16 PM

Advantages of BPC over BI-IP


Dear All,

I am new to BPC NW and would like your expert views on some of my observations on the much debated advantages of BPC over BI IP.

One of the benefits of BI IP was the integrated reporting capabilities with a common master data and combining the transaction data (actual and budget). However, as I understand BPC is intentionally not integrated with backend BW.

BW master data is different and separate from BPC master data, thus it is not possible to integrate BPC cubes with BW cubes. To view an actual vs plan comparison, data would need to be copied / loaded back and forth between the BW cubes and BPC cubes. However, it does not seem practical in scenarios where planning requires significant amount of actual data. Moreover, this would mean multiple reporting interfaces for the users.

BPC will be driven by Business users.

What is it that we are empowering the business users with? The ability to define his own dimensions / applications/ dimension members / Input schedules?

Usually planning requirement is not just a simple input enabled screen. There are many more functionalities that would be required which would need writing of logic, code etc. Loading of master / transaction data requires creation of transformation, conversion files and data packages. Obviously, these tasks would not be done by the business users.

To be honest, I am slightly concerned over giving the business user a free reign on creating objects in the system. Without proper training, things could get out of hand with duplicate objects popping up everywhere in the system. Another area of concern is possibility of modeling same data differently in BPC and BW. It might cause complexities while integrating the data between the two

BPC seem to be targeted to facilitate financial planning. However, we require planning for areas outside finance (headcount, volume allocation / distribution etc). I would have assumed that a reporting application of Type u2018Genericu2019 would have the flexibility to include only the required dimensions as opposed to having to include the standard dimensions of type A, E, T and C.

When compared to BI IP, I am not sure if BPC NW in its current form would be the best tool to deliver integrated planning in multiple areas.

Having said that, these are still early days for BPC NW. Hopefully we will see a tighter integration of BPC NW with BW and more flexible planning in non-financial areas in the future releases.