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Former Member
Mar 16, 2010 at 03:52 PM

MaxDB: Logon to view SAP-data


I should check if an update-modification within the SAP-data tables is possible. Well, I'm shure it is, but ...

How can i log on to view/edit the data?

I installed Database Studio and can login with "superdba", "control" and "Mona".

dbmcli -d DB1 -u superdba,SapBpm12 user_getall shows users "control" and "superdba"

I tried finding and reading all information available, tested whatever I found without success.

All I want is to log on to the database so I can inspect the tables with SAP-data!

Which user should I use? How do I find the correct user-name?

Any helpful input is appreciated!

Best regards