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Mar 16, 2010 at 01:05 PM

How to delete BP assignments to a target group.


Hi Friends,

I am working on CRM 7.0 , Campaign management.

My requirement is :

1.I need to copy the existing campaign.

2. read all the BP's assigned to the target group of the copied BP.

3. check whether these BP's are exist any sales orders.

4. if some BP are exist in sales orders, take those BPs and assign to the target group.

5. Before assigning these BP's delete all the BP assignments to the target group.

6. If the BP's doesnot exist in any sales order check the duration of the BPs between planned start date and planned end date.

7. If the duration( planned end date- planned start date ) is less than a week, create a new campaign and target group, and assign these BPs to the new target group.

My problem is first I am trying by taking an existing targetgroupguid and passed it in to a FM 'BAPI_TARGETGROUP_REMOVE_BP'.

i am getting an error in return table 'BAPI - 003 ' Instance DF0CB6FFB88286F19267005056A00743 of object type MarketingTargetGroup could not be changed' "

Need suuggestion from you.