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Dec 20, 2018 at 07:59 AM

Exception condition "CNHT_ERROR_PARAMETER" triggered


Category ABAP programming error Runtime Errors RAISE_EXCEPTION ABAP Program SAPLSTXW Application Component BC-SRV-SCR Date and Time 20.12.2018 13:12:46 Short Text Exception condition "CNHT_ERROR_PARAMETER" triggered What happened? The current ABAP program has encountered an unexpected situation. Error analysis A RAISE statement in program "CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER============CP" has raised exception condition "CNHT_ERROR_PARAMETER". Since the exception was not caught by a program higher up in the call hierarchy, processing was terminated. Short text for exception condition: You can find detailed documentation about the exception condition in transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can find the name of the function module called from the display of active calls. Trigger Location of Runtime Error Program CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER============CP Include CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER============CM00G Row 16 Module Type (METHOD) Module Name SHOW_URL Source Code Extract Line SourceCde 1 METHOD show_url .