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Mar 16, 2010 at 09:44 AM

Packing delivery items - separate handling unit for each pallet


Dear All,

Requirement is to have a separate handling unit as per packaging material quantity when packing deilvery items:


main product :100 pcs --> they are put on then 10 pallets physically --> in system we can generate HU automatically (we can pack them automatically)

SAP creates:

- one HU

- one delivery item (pallet) of 10 pcs


- HUs as per number of the pallets

- delivery items (pallet) of 10 pcs

The reason behind this is that one factor in the calculation of transportation cost is number of pallets - we can force SAP to calculate the transportation cost based on HUs used in the deliveries assigned to the shipments (standard function).

Any idea?


I found this thread - I'm not sure there's a standard setting to solve the HU split.

Thanks in advance,