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Mar 16, 2010 at 01:00 AM

Services for WBS - Links on the WebDynpro don't work



please, can anyone help me with the links for WBS Service on the Account Assignment for Projects ?

I had no success on searching for this answer on the SDN.

The web Links on the screen are not set up for the services.

1 - Open a Project in cProjects

2 - Select Accounting tab

3 - Click on any Account Assignment Element

4 - On "Services for WBS" screen, click on any Service.

An ITS (SAP GUI for HTML) window should open, with relative transaction for the selected WBS Service.

However, nothing happens.

We have an environmet where it works, and the link points to the following address:!?MESSAGESERVER=SERVER.COMPANY.DOMAIN&PROJ-PSPID=PM/6728&PRPS-POSID=PM/6728&OKCODE=UCCOST&~TRANSACTION=CJ9ECP&sap-client=400&sap-language=EN

But on the environment where it's not working, there is only this in the reference of the link:


Please, where can I configure these links, so that the new window is called pointing to the HTML SAP GUI, when a Service is selected ?

Many thanks,