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Mar 15, 2010 at 11:50 PM

Background job is suddenly taking all dialog processes


We have had a job running for a decent period of time and to date before this issue it was running fine. The job is call SD_BILL_DOC_##_##_## where ## is the time it runs, this background job then fires off parallel dialog jobs called SAPLEDI7 but it now seems to be firing off too many and using all the dialog processes which in turn stops anyone else using the system while this job is running.

The slowdowns appear to have started last Thursday.

The SAP Buffers all appear fine.

Each u201CSAPLEDI7u201D seems to take a sort period of time

All SQL tables that can be traced for this process have a fragmentation of less than 2%

CPU is not spiking.

There were transports last week but these donu2019t seem to touch the tables involved with this processes.

The rest of the system seems to be running fine.

Any ideas how to throttle the amount of dialog processes a background can use when reading/ processing idocs?