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Mar 15, 2010 at 03:07 PM

How to save personal settings in tile ActlibpExt


Dear Mobile Sales Heroes,

The tile actlibpext, (the BP activities listing tile (in MSACapOverview tileset) can be switched to display:

Own activities for today

Own activities no date limitation

Own activities (dated range)

All activities for today

All activities no date limitation

All activities (dated range)

.... which is nice. Once one of the above settings is made, that setting remains 'in memory' for all the while that Mobile Saales remains open, but is lost when MSA is closed. I.e if you chose to display 'All activities, no date limitation', than that will remain the filter setting even when you navigate away from and then return to the tile. However, when Mobile Sales application is shut down, that setting is lost. It is clearly not recorded as one of the personalisations and field history settings saved in the following folders.

C:\program files\sap\Mobile\\MSA\Runtime\Favourites

C:\program files\sap\Mobile\\MSA\Runtime\FieldHistory

C:\program files\sap\Mobile\\MSA\Runtime\History

C:\program files\sap\Mobile\\MSA\Runtime\personalization.

Question - is there any way that I can have the actlibpext tile preferences saved as personal setting, in the same way that say column sequences are currently saved (as personalisations???