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Mar 15, 2010 at 01:49 PM

Problems with existing stock and batch management indicator



We would like to set the batch management indicator for a material.

However, there is stock on the material for the given plant.

The different stock categories for the plant/material combination are as follows (according to transaction MMBE):

Unrestricted use 150

Reserved (for production ordeers) 42

Open order qty (incoming PO) 100

"When I try to set the batch management indicator in MM02 I receive the following error message:

Material Master Maintenance

The batch management requirement cannot

be changed for the following reasons:

Stocks already exist at plant level.

Plant SLoc

PL01 SL01

PL01 SL02"

Can someone please guide me in how to remove the stock and the reservations, so that we can set the batch management indicator? Does the reservations of stock have any impact (there are reservations for 5 different production orders for this material)?

Thanks in advance,