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Mar 15, 2010 at 07:14 AM

adding a import parameter to BADI


Hi ,

I have a standard program HINCEPF1 for HR which generates two forms :

1)Form 3A

2)Form 6A

A BADI has been created by someone to upload the files in this standard program to insert data for the MARCH month in these above forms either one you select in the selection screen.The function module to upload the file which has been used is :

call function 'WS_FILENAME_GET'

**      call function 'WS_UPLOAD'

this function modules works fine when you select form 6A on selection screen but in case of Form 3A it works but does not uploads all the data .It only takes first 7 fields .So to upload data when we select Form 3A I have changed the BADI and added the function module :


to upload the file which works fine but this does not work with Form 6A.

So i want to put a CASE in the BADI that when we select Form 6A then the 1st function module should work and when Form 3A is selected then the above function module should work .

But when i try to add a importing parameter to BADI it does not let me do that . It gives a message that :

'Parameters/exceptions of inherited methods or events cannot be changed'.

Can anyone help.