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Mar 15, 2010 at 01:49 AM

ABAP Standards for a SQL statement



I have a Native SQL statement in my ABAP user exit, pls. edit into a Open SQL,

SELECT v1~tknum v1~tsnum
      INTO TABLE t_vtts
      FROM vtts AS v1
      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN t_shipment_del
      WHERE v1~tknum = t_shipment_del-tknum AND
            v1~vstel = rv_shppt          AND
            v1~kunnz = rv_shipto         AND
            v1~tsrfo = c_one             AND
            EXISTS ( SELECT addrnumber
                       FROM adrc CLIENT SPECIFIED
                       WHERE client     =  v1~mandt AND
                             addrnumber =  v1~adrnz AND
                             date_from  <= sy-datum AND
                             date_to    >= sy-datum AND
                             post_code1 =  rv_post_code1 ).

Thank you