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Thank god we have Google

The picture explains all - you feel like Hansel and Gretel - left alone in wood, the way is just illusion

I searched for OMSX transaction, as I knew that it was a frequent answer for a certain problem, but I could only find 1 item in the wood.

And is even worse as it shows 1.9 K hits and has not a single relevant hit in the initial page, it just shows results with the word OMS instead of OMSX

And then use Google for the same, and easily more than hundred related results:

search1.png (834.3 kB)
search2.png (181.8 kB)
search3.png (116.2 kB)
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6 Answers

  • Jan 02, 2017 at 07:36 AM

    This is good feedback. Honestly, I didn't fully know about this and the 16,000 other SAP tcodes (OMSE OMSF OMSG OMSL OMSL2 OMSL_DI OMSP OMSPCUST OMSR OMSS).

    I'll be honest: Site search does not employ AI so all these rules and learning needs to be applied manually. So this feedback is helpful and I'm working on how best to solve this in the short and long term.

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  • Nov 28, 2016 at 06:02 PM

    Why do you guys even bother with SAP search? It's exercise in futility. I just use Google all the time, unless I have to search for the notes in Launchpad.

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    • I liked the old SCN search with the filters and had no real need for Google or the custom Google search. I switched to Google when the SCN search was moved on HANA and the filters were gone.

      But as a moderator you can get into trouble quick if you tell a user that he failed to search and it turns out that the search failed to return useful results.

      The SAP search should at least return "some" useful results for people who have already used Yahoo, Google or Bing without needing a 2000$ training in a SAP Education Center to understand SAPs maverick search.

  • Nov 28, 2016 at 01:03 PM

    I can confirm that SAP search is not working correctly.

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  • Jan 01, 2017 at 08:00 AM

    Thanks for this feedback. This is a good example of where we need to make more adjustments to the "fuziness" factor and I will ask this to be investigated. What puzzles me is why didn't you search for "OMSX transaction"? We've seen that satisfaction with site search increases significantly when the query contains at least 2 terms in a query.

    Google sets the bar very high and it's a challenge to get site search to reach that, let alone "match" the results 1:1 as suggested. So I like to think that they complement each other.

    You can always limit Google search results to by adding "" to your query as you've shown or try this Custom Google Search (non-suported) project:

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    • I cannot speak for others, but usually when I refer to OMSX, OMLY, VOFM or other well-known transactions, I don't specify in my answer that this is a transaction - the assumption is that the person is aware that this is a transaction and not a table, for example. This is similar to mentioning "Windows 7" - you don't say often "Windows 7 operating system" to a colleague, not even to a client. Another motive not to use OMSX transaction as a search term combination is, that instead of typing the word transaction, many would just type tcode.
      Please correct me if I am wrong, but if you type OMSX transaction, as an end user, you have no way to set the relative weight of the search terms separately, which means OMSX and transaction will have the same importance in searches. If we use fuzzy search, first we would get the results where we have both terms mentioned, then we will get the ones, where we have one of these two, sorted by page rank. "Transaction" is a very common term, which means that OMSX - only entries (which are more important to us) will be buried into the list of not so useful results, where only transaction is mentioned, but they have a higher number of page views or recent updates.
      Here is a more realistic example: you are interested in the combination of OMSX and vendor. If you type both words without quotes, you will get at the top a bunch of results, where the word vendor is mentioned and some variation of typing OMSX, like OMSG. I would type instead "OMSX" vendor - this would filter out the OMSX variations, but I would probably do this after typing "OMSX" and seeing that there are too many results.

  • Nov 29, 2016 at 12:13 PM

    Why are you crying?

    This is the new cost effective way to launch projects. The stupid ones that want's to test before launch are cowards!. Every manager tells you quality is nice to have, but not really required! This is the cost effective 20:80 approach! 80% of the work is done, the rest is to expensive:)

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  • Nov 29, 2016 at 08:41 PM

    Oh boy, Google is broken now too. I was searching for an SCN post where someone asked for a screenshot of activity stream from the old SCN. Google -> screenshot activity stream SCN found an item that clearly included the text I was searching for but the link was not right. So I re-searched with the exact string and got only the same result:

    This link shows a huge list of questions, it also switches me to a Swiss profile and changes language to French (I guess compliments of "suisse" part). However, the specific question is nowhere in sight there.

    So I resorted to the SCN search and for the same exact string "screenshots of the activity stream on the old SCN?" (with quotation marks) it found nothing. But after I removed all the marks it found the question (and a bunch of non-related stuff, of course). Exhibit A and B:

    Really hard to blame others for not searching these days...

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