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Mar 13, 2010 at 02:28 PM

Internal table declaration -OO ABAP



I am looking to declare an internal table using OO objects. My declaration are as follows..

TYPES : Begin of itab,

f1 type c,

f2 type c,



End of itab.

DATA : itab1 type standard table of itab.

DATA: wa_tab type itab.

I have an internal table to say itab_pa2001 which i am reading all the records of pernr into ITAB_PA2001.To get the text i want to select * from t5*** into ..... Finally wht am looking is to move some of the fields into the final table ITAB. Could you please let me know how to set this up as i am getting wrong values when i am looping as below.

how to declare a structure in ITAB using ABAP OO....??

LOOP at ITAB_PA2001 into wa_itab.