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Mar 12, 2010 at 12:33 PM

TP Import ALL Error - tp_search_buffer_entry



when we start an Import ALL over the STMS the following haappens:

a) the end of Import Queue mark is set --> this is OK

b) all Transports are showing the status "import running" ---> this is also ok

c) after some time the status is set to "Request waiting to be imported" ---> not ok!

d) no transport in imported

e) stop mark is already set

in the tp system log , we saw this entries:

STOP ADD TO BUFFER I12 < 20100312132534 ASTEINHA cscgsapgi01 20100312132531397

START tp_getprots I12 W 20100312132534 ASTEINHA cscgsapgi01 20100312132531397

STOP tp_getprots I12 W 20100312132749 ASTEINHA cscgsapgi01 20100312132531397

HALT 20100312132749

ERROR: INTERNAL ERROR in usage of tp_search_buffer_entry:

accepting NULL==client or "ALL"==client is not implemented when working on an index.

ERROR: EXIT(16) -> process ID is: 2550

Some Idea?