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Dec 20, 2018 at 03:25 AM

Reassignment of routing to order through read PP master data not working


Dear Experts,

I am currently facing the below QM PP INTEGRATION issue .

Inspection lot with changed Routing cannot be adopted in parent order's inspection lot (collective order)

1. I made changes in routing and tried to read pp master data for parent order (collective order) who's status is already REL BCRQ GMCO GMPS ILAS MACM *.... And also the goods are delivered(601 mvty). (So cancellation of all documents is not advisable as per business)

2. Another way which I tried to adopt routing into inspection lot is by directly deleting lot in parent order and created manual lot with 03 type for the parent order and assigned the changed routing to this manual lot.

Output: Tried 2nd scenario in QAS system and it was working fine for one of the order but dint work for the other order. I don't know why!!

As this is urgent, Can you help me out to adopt this new routing to the parent order inspection lot since results recording with partial lot and batch is necessary for the user.