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Mar 11, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Dependent Demand not genarated


Hi Experts,

My client product structure starts from 1*****, 2***** and so on to 7****** that is we have 6 level BOM. Final FG is 1*** and 7*** is raw material. 1 will be procured from vendor1 by providing component 2 to vendor1. 2 will be procured from vendor 2 by providing component3 to vendor2 and so on. 7*** material is a standard procurement. So we are implementing sub-con scenario in SNP using SCM 7.0. So we created work centers and PPMs at sub-con locations (location type 1011 as only one product from one plant will procure from sub-con locations).

Could any one confirm the following master data settings I made

1) Both FG and Components procurement type will be 'F' (External procurement) at plant. Where as at sub-con locations FG will be 'E' (In-house) and component will be 'F'.

2) Transportation lane with sub-contracting defined for finished good between sub-con location to plant. Transportation lane between plant to the same sub-con location defined for the component with sub-contracting (not sure whether it should sub-contracting or standard procurement in the transportation lane) as we are using PPM

With those settings I ran CTM and no PRs are generated. Where as when I ran SNP01 I got PRs only one 1 series and I didnt seen any dependent demand. I ran low-level code before running SNP01.

Could any one guide me to get the PRs through CTM.