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Mar 11, 2010 at 05:01 PM

Exchange Rate Calculation - Can I change it?


BPCu2019s conversion process is different from the way weu2019re currently operating. Currently, weu2019re pulling data from Oanda.COM for every Currency-to-Currency permutation and using Oandau2019s rounded to 5 decimal place rate to calculate the exchange rates in our Financial System.

However, BPC seems to convert differently. In BPC, we've loaded all Rates to the tblFactRate table as they relate to USD. So, if calculations need to be done between non-USD currencies, the rates are calculated on the fly based on the ratesu2019 relation to the USD rate.


For February 2010 we have the following Average rates: (These are the rounded to 5 Decimal rates for the 28 days of February, averaged, then rounded to 5 Decimal Places again)

GBP u2013 USD: 1.56285

EUR u2013 USD: 1.36842

GBP u2013 EUR: 1.14235

In BPC we only have the following rates in the tblFactRate table, so the system cannot use the GBP u2013 EUR rate from We only load the following:

GBP u2013 USD: 1.56285

EUR u2013 USD: 1.36842

If a conversion is needed for GBP u2013 EUR, it will calculate the rate on the fly as so:

1.56285 / 1.36842 = 1.142083571

So, because Oanda is using a Rounded Average, based on Rounded rates, the way things are now, the BPC Calculated Rate will not match the rates in our Financial System.

Is this a configuration issue or is this simply the way the software does FX Translation? Is it possible to load GBP - EUR rates somehow and have BPC calculate those rates based on what we input rather than the calculation being used?