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Mar 11, 2010 at 04:29 PM

Reconfiguring SAP 7.10 already installed


Scenario: SAP 7.10 GUI installed but without certain options which were setup as a package via the administrative tool. So for example, we have the SCM Add-On not installed as part of the basic setup.

We want to install the SCM Add-On for users that only needs it, however we also want to do that with SEM Add-On, so some users could have neither of these, one of them, or both.

It doesn't appear that I can use

nwsapsetup /install /product="BW350" /silent

for either the SCM or SEM and may need to define a new package with the admin tool, however that brings other issues like how to handle the uninstall of that specific add-on if the other add-on is installed (ie.: user wants to keep SEM but remove SCM, and other possibilities with these two).

Anybody recommend what's the best way of handling this?