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Mar 11, 2010 at 03:29 PM

BO Reports on SAP BW



I have few queries regarding integrating BOBJ with SAP BW. We have WebI reports on top of BEx queries made in SAP BW 7x.

1.I know that MDX is used to access data in OLAP Cube(BW Infocubes) but why do we need to encapsulate MDX expressions for conditions(Universe filters) in XML ? We dont use XML in case of normal objects like Measures.

2.Universe Dynamic Parameters(Last tab) : Are they be applicalbe for OLAP Universes as well. Why i am asking this is even if i set FORCE_SORTED_LOV to Yes the LOVs displayed in WebI are not sorted ? Are these parameters are not applicable if OLAP_UNIVERSE parameter is set to Yes.

- Vamsi Ch