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Mar 11, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Memory Problem when importing .net WSDL (MEM_ALLOC_FAILED)


Hi all,

when I create a consumer proxy in the abap workbench with an WSDL file from a .net system i get the following problem.

After the wizard is done it takes a couple of minutes and then a dump appears (MEM_ALLOC_FAILED). I was checking the usage of the memory with transaction SM04. There i saw that the user who started the wizard had a MEM (Total) of 4.020.970.904 and MEM (Priv.) of 2.029.590.336.

Could it be that the WSDL is needing such a huge amount of memory?

Or could this maybe be another problem?

I was also trying to split the WSDL but the dump still appears.

I've tried it on two different systems... (PL 21 & PL 22 of the WEB AS, SAP ECC 6.0)

Thanks in advance for any response...