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Mar 11, 2010 at 09:37 AM




I need to enhance the custom mat_plant in the form of attributes.

while i was adding attributes to the infoobject, pop up message has come up saying some (5) of the transformations will be inactive once i make the infoobject active after adding attributes..

When i check those transformations, yes, i do find the infoobject in the mapping and was convinced that i need to transport these transformations as well when i transport the enhanced infoobject..

But for double checking, i did where used list for the infoobject and found that infoobject has been used in several other transfer rules/update rules..etc..


will the all the rules listed in where used list will be effected once i modify the definition of the info object??

If yes, then while checking the definition of the info object, why it has shown only 5 transforamtions will be set to active??

can any one pls clarify??