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Mar 10, 2010 at 11:01 PM

Unit of Measure issues


Base UoM is EA, and there is an alternative UoM BX ( 1BX = 12 EA)

The order unit in MMR is blank, which means use EA as purchasing unit.

The current contract is created with EA as order unit and the price is in $/EA.

Order unit in PIR is also EA (general data)

Everything works fine now.

However, due to reasons, the vendor wants to change the order unit to BX and we have to update the contract accordingly.

Following are changes I made:

1. Enter BX as order unit in Purchasing tab of MMR and set Var. Unit as Active

2. Flag existing PIR for deletion

3. Lock the item in current contract

4. Add a new item to the current contract, using BX as order unit. However, I got a message saying "Order unit BX cannot be used"

I have also tried to change order unit to BX in PIR, but the field is greyed out.

How to change the order unit to BX for both PIR and contract?