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Former Member
Mar 10, 2010 at 08:54 PM

Web Analyzer (BW 7.0/Netweaver 2004s/Java)



Does anyone have a suggestion on how to ensure that the "Web Analyzer" pops the "Variable entry screen" prior to query execution (for queries that use variables)? I have to imagine this is possible.

Currently I am able to get the "Variable Entry screen" to pop only once, and for each subsequent query execution the previously entered variable value gets re-used transparently, but I am not able to input new or different values until after query execution.

So far I understand that popping the "Variable Entry Screen" is a web template property, but I imagine someone has found a way to work around the limitation of the variable entry screen only popping once and not for each subsequent query executed in the same session.....or perhaps someone has found an alternate solution.

I have been struggling with this issue, and would really like to role out Web Analyzer as a complementary tool that can be used as a parallel alternative to BEx Analyzer (within Excel). I think the variable window is really the only issue holding us back.