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Mar 10, 2010 at 06:47 PM

Administration of Oracle with/without SAP


Hello all.

Currently all our SAP systems are typically installed with all components on one physical server.

Meaning we have the Central instance/Database instance on the same host.

Further we use primarily SAP tools for Oracle administration (BRTOOLS etc).

Looking ahead the number of systems are increasing and what we would like to do, is setting up an Oracle database hotel for SAP systems. Meaning we can consolidate several databases on one physical host and possibly ease administration overhead.

As we separate the database from the application, it's far more attractive to virtualize the application server.

Has anyone here any experience in this regard ?

I realize that administering Oracle "under" SAP, might not be equivalent with "regular" Oracle database administration, for any other application. For instance i understand that not all Oracle functions are supported by SAP. SAP also has their own recommendations for database parameters etc.

We have good Oracle competence within the organization, but these DBA's has no knowledge about SAP.

So the question is: To what extent are we bound to differentiate between regular Oracle DB administration, and SAP Oracle DB administration ?

The point being: If our DBA's cannot implement their own Oracle best practices and administration tools for the SAP Oracle hotel, but rather have to treat this totally different from regular Oracle hotels, then it seems to me that we gain little or nothing.

Any (almost) comments are appreciated.