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Mar 10, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Homegenous System copy Java: Issue SAPSTR.LST cannot be found


Hello All,

I want to perform a homegenous system copy for the java part of our BI

7.0 instance.

Therefore I try to run an export in the source system BIP:

-> I run this for the Java instance (the ABAP part we replicated via

DB/AS400 method).

(we use a user with out standard installation user, which has pretty

much all rights on As/400 and the PC)

While running the export, I get an error mentioning the log



"WARNING: no technical settings for table "WFSTO" in SAP data

dictionary - defaults used

ERROR: failed to open file "C:/temp/Export_BIP/ABAP/DATA/SAPSTR.LST"

-end of file

The file in this local export directory on my PC does not exist!

(Therefore it's hard to open it... 😊 )

I have been also checking the logs in clsoe proximity to this

particular log and did not find any other ERROR.

How can I fix this issue ? When / how is the file SAPSTR.LST being

generated ?


we have performed a BI system copy with the same tools some time ago

without any issues

And also please remember this is AS/400..

- R3ldctl does not exist in this scenario

- the user on the PC is the same than on the As/400, on AS/400 with

QSECOFR permissions, on PC side with local admin rights.

- the file was NOT created in "c:/temp/Export_BIP/ABAP/DATA" . See also

my initial note in which I state this already!

the logfile of R3ldctl.exe.log in direcotry


(this directory is pghysically located on the AS/400 IFS!)

has size 0!

Quick response is highly appreciated