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Mar 10, 2010 at 05:47 PM

Error: -47 [863-29]. Autoopen.xls is locked for editing by user X.


User is trying to dump the Pick/Pack Manager to Excel and gets this error message.

Error: -47 [863-29].

Inventory > Pick and Pack manager > click on OK

Next, click on Excel icon on toolbar. The default location is the B1 shared folder on server B1_SHR\ExclDocs and there is a default file name. Click on Save. Click on Yes to replace existing file.

Error message appears. Error: -47 [863-29]. Excel does not open.

I tried changing the filename. Excel opened but with a message: Autoopen.xls is locked for editing by user X. I asked user X to close Excel and go out of pick and pack manager. Did not make a difference.

Can someone explain to me the use of autoopen.xls please? This file is locked - how can I unlock it? Why does it become locked? Can it only be accessed by one user at a time??

I also tried saving autopen.xls in the exact path where the file is being saved. Still get error.

I tried to save autopen.xls on the user's local machine, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office but could not because user does not have permissions to save a file here. Does not have administrator rights on machine.

I can reproduce the same error on the server.

Also tried File > Export > Excel. Still get error.

Can someone help me to understand what SAP is doing when exporting to Excel so I can solve this problem.