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Mar 10, 2010 at 05:38 PM

Blank pages print in some cases at the end of a report.


Hello All,

We are having a problem with some of our reports. The problem is that a blank page will print with no data on it.

The page is not completely blank. A contract number and a page n of n prints in a page header section. I thought that crystal will page only if there is more data to print.

One detail. We are required to leave 3/4" white space on the bottom of each page because some of our

customers have preprinted paper with headers and footers. So, the very last section of the report

is a page footer 3/4" deep that prints unconditionally.

This seems to be causing the page break. When I suppress this

section there is no extra blank page.

We have tried to suppress this 3/4" section on the basis of a boolean parameter telling the report that it is being printed

for a pre printed form customer. The thought was we'll print the 3/4" page footer only for pre-printed form customers

and suppress it for regular customers. However the sectionsd above don't know anything about whther the 3/4"

sections is supposed going to be suppressed or not, so it will print as far as it thins it can go, running into and over-writing

pre-printed verbiage.

There is not always a blank page. It occurs only when the detail sections and various

footer sections print just far enough down toward the bottom of the page.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,