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Mar 10, 2010 at 01:19 PM

Payment document upload- error in the claering dates.


Hi All,

Payment document upload- error in the claering dates.

Posted: Mar 10, 2010 8:11 AM Reply

Hi All,

I gone through the document numbers in production system the following dates are updated for this documents.

What we need is to find the root cause for the issue of why would two documents does not get cleared while the other 3 were cleared immediately. Also, we had system issues today during the same time. Please check if you can find any OSS messages out there on what happens if the system shuts down while the finance documents are being processed. Do they get stored in a temporary table some where and what would cause those documents to be passed to PCA while they are in this u201Climbou201D?

please find the below documents for refernce.

Sl No Document No Document Date Posting Date Baseline Dt clearing Date

1 123 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/11/2010

2 456 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/11/2010

3 789 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 3/01/2010

4 145 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/11/2010

5 234 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 2/6/2010 3/01/2010.

the diffrenec in it picking the diffrerent claering date. but it has to pick the same date for all the documents.

Please let us know why it is picking the different claering dates and sometimes it performing the System shutdown.

Thanks and Regards