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Mar 10, 2010 at 12:40 PM

Intergration of Components


Hello Guys,

I need your help on integration of components

In my case there are 3 components : A , B and C. A is calling B (Not going back) and B is calling C and C is returning to B again.

Integration of A and B is done. B is used component of A. B has 1 Iterface inbound plug which is mapped to Outbound plug of A's Window.

Same thing I did for Integration of B and C. A to B to C was working fine. But I didnt find any option with this method to go back to B from C.

So from B to C, I used suspend/resume option. Since B is called from A. B is not considered as TOP_LEVEL and hence this option is not working.

Kindly give your expert opinions on this. ( I want A ,B and C to be appear in the normal window not pop up 1 )

Appreciate your help in advance.