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Dec 20, 2018 at 10:09 AM

Managed system monitoring by two solman


Hello Gurus,

I tired finding the solution online but could not get any proper answer, So posting it here. Request your assistance.

We have a production solution manager 7.2 SP 07 which monitors our Dev , QA and Prod SAP landscapes. This Solman also does self monitoring and managed system monitoring. But If this solman fails then we are not alerted.

So we have installed another solution manager Dev to monitor Prod solution manager. I am running managed system configuration for Solman prod from Dev solution manager. To accomplish this I need to install another diagnostic agent on Solman Prod host which can communicate with New solman. While installing another diagnostic agent on solman prod host, I noticed SWPM will update the host agent profile with the information of new DAA agent. Now, My question here is

1. If I go ahead with the installation of another DAA agent then is it going to impact the current monitoring setup ( managed and self monitoring in solman production in any way ?