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Mar 10, 2010 at 10:56 AM

Problem While Executing CK11N Cost Estimate



In our client, we are using Engineering to Order with valuated inventory scenerio. Project Systems are using widely and there is a large scope of integration in between the PS and the other functional modules.

Here we have the Material Boms and WBS Boms for the same material under same plant. The components in Material BOM and WBS BOM may be different.

e.g., suppose, i have a material X, the components required for this material is A,B,C. Here Material X and Product A, B, C are having the Material BOMs as well as WBS BOMS.

The Problem is when i am doing the cost estimate for Product X through CK11N, system is considering the correct BOM No, in the quantity structure tab of CK11n.

But when i am checking the costing structure left side of CK11N, system is exploding the BOM components of X correctly based on Material BOM. where as sub items BOMs of Material A, B and C is exploding as per the WBS BOM components in the same costing run.

Here my requirement is Cost Estimate of Product X should be the sum of the total component Material BOM values of Product A, B & C. Cost Estimate of product X should not consider quantity structure of WBS BOMS for product A, B, C.

Please suggest us.


S Vasu