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Dec 20, 2018 at 08:16 AM

Setting up job on Auto Reaction for particular alert in SOLMAN 7.2 technical monitoring


Hi Friends,

In SOLMAN 7.2 Technical Monitoring, using Auto reaction, can we run/schedule some kind of background job for each alert? Based on alert we should trigger auto reaction, In Auto Reaction, we should be able to schedule a job


Request you to help me with below query of mine.

Suppose there is a background job, which runs once in every 30 minutes, and the job was supposed to have run at 12:00 noon and it didn't.. But same job has run at 12:20 pm, so in that 20 minutes gap, system should not trigger any alert mail.

It means that within the interval of 30 minutes, if the job didn't get executed there should not be any triggering of alert.

Alert should trigger only after the 30 minutes have exceeded.

So for this, I am requesting wehther we can use auto reaction method in technical monitoring.

Please help me with any links available for setting up auto reaction on individual technical monitoring related alert obcjets.

Thanks & Regards,

Solman Starter