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Dec 20, 2018 at 07:45 AM

Assigning a Plant to a Vendor in MDG


screen-shot-3.pngHello Users,

In MDG, when we try to link a Vendor to a plant which is already linked to another Vendor, we don't get any error but data also does not save after activation of CR.

But in the backend system, in XK02, when we perform the same action, it gives an error that "Plant XYZ is already assigned to Vendor ABC" and hence cannot be assigned to this Vendor 123.

Anybody knows the reason of not getting this error in MDG and how to resolve this.screen-shot-1.pngscreen-shot-2.png


screen-shot-1.png (28.7 kB)
screen-shot-2.png (18.5 kB)
screen-shot-3.png (292.6 kB)